Guatemala and Sweden   


Between Guatemala and Sweden there is ample space to increase trade flows through the export of Guatemalan products: cardamom, tobacco, coffee, sesame seeds, paper and cardboard, bulbs, roots and ornamental plants, mini vegetables, processed fruits, seafood, textiles, among others. The main export products from Sweden to Guatemala are: paper and cardboard, cereal flours, vehicles and transport material, machines and mechanical devices, various products from the chemical industry, medical instruments, alcoholic beverages and vinegars, among others. Currently, the trade balance between Guatemala and Sweden is in deficit, with an amount of USD -1,716,300.00, in favor of Sweden.

Tourism is another main sector that could connect both countries. Guatemala has a cultural and tourism diversity that distinguishes it internationally from any other country. Similarly, Sweden annually has an influx of tourists who visit the country, making it one of the main tourist destinations in the world. Particularities that are significant to promote for a complementary tourism.

It is important to remember that Sweden is a relevant global player that has gained ground in economic, social, cultural and environmental development, with an economy currently positioned in the first ten places worldwide, betting strongly on innovation, science and technology to make it more competitive in the international context.

It is also noted that international cooperation, as the main axis of the foreign policy of the Kingdom of Sweden, plays an important role in approaching the countries of the Latin American region. Along these lines, a window of opportunities opens to share experiences and good practices with the Guatemalan institutions to strengthen technical capacities at the level of commerce and technology.

Currently, the Embassy of Guatemala in Sweden has taken several steps to encourage bilateral trade and support national efforts to mitigate the effects of the current pandemic on the economy of our country.